Evaluative report

From all the past 8 weeks, I have done a lot of research which helped me to get the right pieces of knowledge about VR regarding history, economic basis, equipment and some software. The reason I picked this VR subject was just with a simple idea at first like I just love playing games with tools and if it is 3d it would be more exciting and what if I can design a game background by myself and playing in it? Even though there are a lot of skills to learn to approach the final goal via some software, I could say that all the steps I have followed in the lectures were very useful and fundamental enough to build up another knowledge furthermore. Stepping into virtual world gave me unlimited chances and space to draw with high technology. With these high technologies, it will give endless design inspirations to product, architect and interior designers.Also, it boosted me to learn other 3d programmes like SketchUp or Rhino.

In terms of the history I have learned so far, the machine called Sensorama which is invented by Morton Heilig who is known as a multi-media specialist was very memorable because He is the first guy who brought the idea of delivering human sensors via machine to the world which inspired future VR gears significantly. Furthermore, there were huge inventions such as headset or hand gear which is we using to game these days or for other purposes. It has not been so long to come to the today VR and still from old drawing technics we still have some crucial technics to learn. I believe there is no room for another huge step in virtual reality sooner or later.

Another enjoyable session was with Unity software. Even though we had only two sessions so far, it was really great time to know that this software is actually more useful to create a huge spatial design and Unity provides the software for free. I’m planning to make a simple game by next summer with some ideas inspired by movie ‘Tron: the legacy’

fig 1


The last task was the most enjoyable part which was designing our own VR concept and I used inspiration resources from two movies called ‘In time’ and ‘Tron’ to create a new game proposal. Movie ‘Tron’ is known as the first VR movie and I have inspired by the weapon design like the boomerang, motorcycles and map design from the movie. So the whole design pretty looks like the movie. From the movie ‘In time’ I used the definition of the time that time is the currency there and amount of time each person has is the human’s lifespan and people can transfer the time each other or there is like a life bank where people can borrow time like a money in the real world.It was really exciting part collaborating between two movies and picturing the whole game concept and I thought this could be my first game world design via unity software which is I am aiming to finish by next summer.

To sum up, My previous knowledge about VR was just the tip of an iceberg before but with all these history and new equipment, I am more interested in how VR is using in different fields such as education or designing.



fig 1 – http://www.filehorse.com/download-unity/

fig  2- https://www.codementor.io/learn-programming/software-developer-tools