Unity software

So far, I have discovered Virtual realities, history, economics and spaces. And the previous week I have experienced VR tilt brush.

Today I had some briefings about the software called Unity which is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity technologies and primarily used to develop video games and simulations for computers, consoles and mobile devices. The official website provides a free software and there is a community where inventors and designers can share their problems and experiences. It was a great chance to look at other’s designs from the website

Even though the session was just too short to learn the software enough, I was already attracted by the software and I will go for more research and give it a try definitely. The unity does not have big differences with other software  like Autocad or Sketch-up. I guess most of 3d programmes based on similar technics.

For next week, we are on individual design task which is I was waiting for. I will keep digging into the software till I get some specific ideas.  And our tutor suggested having a group discussion to interact each other regarding problems we can face one day. I totally agree with that and if we have group session to design a game application as a group that would be really amazing. So far, all the research I have done and technics I have got from sessions were really useful and now its time to challenge myself.

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