Experiencing virtual realities

Session 4. Experiencing virtual realities

Google tilt brush trial 1.
Google tilt brush trial 2.



Today at Chelsea college, I have experienced VR gears for the first time and I found out it is really interesting and I had very enjoyable time. This gear called Tilt Brush invented by Google.

Once I put the gear on, I became completely blocked from the real world and jump into new three dimension space. The way I felt was there is only me standing here with hand tools literally. Inside is like whole black kind of looks like a space that made me feel like I was standing alone in silence but I could see other’s drawing in distance. After All combines together it looks like we are an alien building up our own city or something.

In terms of functions, There were pretty many types of brushes and I could choose a colour as I want and like I can put some effects such as snowing, rainbow, stars and so on. I attempted to make a door to boundary inside and outside but it is not that simple as it looks like. Even drawing one clear line was pretty hard because my hand was holding the gear is not stable enough to make a line straight down.Even it was only me but I had a moment all programme shut down all of sudden while I was playing. However, we could not figure out what is wrong. I guess still VR gear is quite complicated and fragile or it can not be used for a long time once it is on. Anyway, today experience was completely new and interesting. I would like to go and try other functions to create a spatial design by myself.



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